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This is a very clear blogpost on the benefits of playtesting. I also very much enjoy that you explain that playtesting is positive if you let your ego down and enter it with an open mind. The post also explains very well the type of criticism that you guys received during your playtest, such as the movement of your main character and using one of your buttons as a spam, both of which are criticism that you took to heart and fixed. These examples shows the benefits of playtesting, and I’m glad that you went into detail of those criticisms.

Outside of that, a tiny definition of what a playtest is and how it works might have benefited this blogpost, you know, for anyone outside of the gaming industry. That is the only criticism I can think of for this blog post. In any case, you’re very clear in your words and and I enjoy that you get straight to the point of why a playtest might benefit a team and how someone’s video game can become better through playtesting. Great work! Keep it up!


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I'm a game design and programming student, former media and journalist student, who finds happiness in creating formulas that actually gets the game to work! How to find those formulas... Well... You will have to read my blog to find out...

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