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Hi Jan,

Glad to hear you guys had team spirit! This is a great blog post that takes the reader on a journey through the final results of your game, and I’m glad to read that you had a lot of things working for your group, as well as for your game. I played your game, and I never noticed that the level was generic, nor did I care that much about the music being the same. The game was solid and I’m happy to have played it. It’s also worth mentioning that your team took the extra time to make a boss for your game, something a lot of other games didn’t have. It seems as if you not only completed your aesthetic goals, it appears that your team even went a little further than the original concept originally had put out for you. Good on you!

More on the post itself, sometimes it can be hard to read the paragraphs because they’re not separated sometimes correctly. Outside of that, good English, good writing, and a good game! Congratulations!


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